Revolutionising the B2B customer experience

A distinctive digital experience to supercharge lead generation for a $500m brand.

The challenge

Sabio is one of the world’s fastest-growing B2B tech brands, specialising in digital customer experience transformation for enterprise brands.

Their website and brand were outdated and didn’t align with their vision and significant growth. The website only accounted for 10% of MQLs.

Our challenge was to create the antithesis of a B2B website through a radically new global digital platform that served every user’s needs, dial-up thought leadership, and deliver a distinctive new brand design that the competition was too afraid to adopt.

The human insight

We interviewed a handful of Europe’s leading customer experience decision-makers to understand their feedback on the current Sabio brand and website, which quickly highlighted there was a lack of understanding of what they do and zero differentiation from competitors. Think the Paradox of Choice.

The solution

After a period of brand immersion with the Sabio executive team, we quickly identified that Sabio was reinventing itself as a challenger brand.

This mindset unlocked distinctive design thinking, new audience personas, bespoke user journey design, and integration with an intelligent chatbot that could quickly learn audience needs and serve relevant content.

It was also an opportunity to rearticulate the product portfolio and create dedicated solutions vs. the endless list of products and features communicated on the previous website.

It’s helped Sabio grow as a brand and compete with Fortune 500 technology companies.

Increase in organic traffic
Increase in marketing qualified leads
More time spent on the website
Increase in brand search terms