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Discover a new era of creativity, immersive experiences and content production through the world’s most powerful real-time 3D technology.

Experience real-time creativity, efficiency and sustainability

Collective specialises in crafting virtual worlds, digital product twinning and immersive experiences at scale, for use across marketing ecosystems. Over the past eight years, we’ve been pioneering the use of Unreal Engine and Omniverse real-time 3D technology in marketing and advertising to transform production workflows.

Our revolutionary approach delivers:

  • Instant creativity: Unlike traditional production, real-time 3D and Gen AI are instantaneous. Ideas can be quickly brought to life and explored, allowing creatives and brands to input into the creative process easily.
  • Greater efficiency: Production time is dramatically reduced with ideation and adaptation. If you need to update products or content for different markets or change settings or seasons, there are no long amends or feedback loops.

Unlock limitless creativity with the real-time 3D and Gen AI experts

Save time and be creative

No rendering. No long amends. No time delays. Quickly get to a realistic interactive asset or product that the whole team can see and explore.

Future proof production

Develop content pipelines and workflows that allow you to output content across all your marketing channels with ease. Then you can use this content time and time again.

Deliver variants at pace

Do you need to change content or products for different markets or backgrounds for different seasons? It takes seconds to create, update and output in ultra high-resolution. You have access to a real-time production pipeline.

Meet your ESG targets

Ensure production plays its part in helping you reduce your brand’s carbon footprint by leveraging the power of real-time 3D and virtual production. Reduce carbon emissions by up to 98%.

Align with the global standard

Building in real-time 3D ensures your content and assets are USD-ready, enabling robust interchange between digital content creation tools. This is the future of global production.

Reduce costs

When assets can be created more quickly and can be exported across any platform, the cost savings are clear. Every project builds on the investment of the last, creating an exponential return on investment.

Our capabilities future-proof your brand and production processes

Digital product twinning

We create brand and product assets at scale with a tech stack that includes NVIDIA’s Omniverse, Epic Games’ Unreal Engine and a host of generative AI tools. We do this for brands including Unilever, Mercedes F1 and Hyundai.

Content creation

We deliver end-to-end immersive content production for social, web, TV and digital OOH, increasing engagement while driving efficiency and sustainability.

Virtual worlds

We craft 3D virtual worlds that power brand and gaming experiences. These can be activated in VR, AR and the metaverse. We’re also experts in pixel streaming to democratise engagement across devices.

Immersive experiences

Transport your audience into fully immersive experiences and environments. From autonomous games to training and branded content, we create new ways for customers to interact with your brand.

Virtual production

Our global partners enable you to access premier LED screens to create high-quality, photo-real content and campaigns without the constraints of traditional production. Our team builds real-time environments that are production-ready.

In traditional 3D, a model or asset created for one application or platform can’t easily be reused in another, taking weeks or months to repurpose.

Thanks to real-time 3D, the model created is a ‘universal asset’ that can be quickly output wherever needed. Over time, you can build a library of universal digital assets from products to locations to environments that will simplify and streamline content production to an incredible degree.

Gaming engines will power the Metaverse

A digital twin of our world, the metaverse provides the greatest opportunity for brands to connect with audiences beyond traditional advertising.

Our dedicated team helps global brands create immersive experiences in the Metaverse using Unreal Engine and Omniverse.

From conceptual development through to production in Fortnite, Roblox and Decentraland – we’re your ready-to-go Metaverse partner.

Decarbonise your marketing with Virtual Production

Your partner for world-building and immersive content creation.

Our virtual production capabilities unlock a mix of seamless live-action and digital sets that allow you to combine real people and products into a real-time 3D world.

You can shoot multiple environments at pace from within a single LED studio space. A two-week multiple-location shoot could be reduced to a two-day studio shoot – decarbonising the production process. Plus, as it’s created in real-time 3D, every virtual set, background and digital asset is reusable.

This is limitless creativity.

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