Your new destination for gaming

The EE Game Store, all the games, all the gear, and it’s now open for everyone.

The challenge

To help EE on its quest to become the UK’s number one destination for gaming, we were tasked with supporting a campaign that would drive gamers nationwide to the newly launched EE game store.

To do this, we needed to deliver four spectacular 3D worlds inspired by some of the most iconic games we all love to play.

But there was a problem… we had just four weeks to do it.

Delivering our vision

The worlds needed to be built in a way that could deliver both hi-res static and motion assets whilst overcoming both time and budget constraints.

To achieve this, real-time 3D in the form of Unreal Engine wasn’t just the right way; it was the only way.

Being able to work in real-time allowed us to truncate the feedback loops and work live with the creatives at Saatchi & Saatchi and Digitas.

This created a much more dynamic and fluid workflow that not only allowed us to realise the vision but turned a very challenging and potentially highly stressful timeline into a collaborative, creative and enjoyable experience.

It also allowed us to push creative boundaries and go to places we wouldn’t have been able to use conventional 3D production methods.

Take it to the next level

Once the main body of the campaign had been delivered, it was clear there was an appetite to push things even further.

To do this, we collaborated on a new batch of assets that used Ai alongside Unreal to deliver an industry first. Using Stable Diffusion, we integrated dynamic QR codes into our worlds to create ‘portals’ that, when scanned, took you directly to the game store.

These assets were then rolled out at gaming events and other high-footfall areas to further enhance EE’s message by speaking to the gamers on their terms and in their language.