3D redefined by AI

Showcasing the world’s first 3D tablet through a multi-channel global performance marketing campaign.

The challenge

Leia is a Silicon Valley tech company breaking new ground with their 3D tablet technology. Our task was to introduce their innovative product to a diverse audience, including 3D enthusiasts, tech lovers, gamers, and developers.

Our primary objective was to boost awareness and sales of the 3D tablet and its associated apps. To achieve this goal, Leia required a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that would involve multiple channels to engage the target audience.

The human insight

Our research discovered that our audience desires a more engaging and interactive digital experience. Traditional 2D content falls short of providing the dynamic and immersive experience that a 3D tablet offers.

The target audience, which is comprised of tech enthusiasts and creative individuals, yearns for a device that delivers a distinct and captivating visual experience. This device is not just for entertainment purposes but also for professional work and creativity.

Delivering our vision

We created a digital marketing campaign centered on micro-influencers, product features, and behavioural triggers in our media. Our main objective was to align with cultural moments where we could positively influence our audience.

Influencer Collaborations

We collaborated with influential personalities in the 3D, tech, gaming, and development communities who strongly connected with the product. By working with these creators, we showcased the transformative capabilities of Leia’s 3D tablet. This content included detailed reviews, demonstrations, and unboxing videos.

Product Content Development

We partnered with Leia to create high-quality product videos, interactive demos, and 3D content that demonstrated the immersive 3D experience their tablet provides. These materials showcased a range of content possibilities, such as gaming, interactive storytelling, design applications, and educational tools.

Multi-Channel Approach

To reach and engage more people, we deployed a multi-channel approach, which included:

Online Advertising: We created targeted online advertising campaigns on various platforms like TikTok, Reddit, Meta, Twitter, and YouTube, focusing on specific demographics, interests, and behaviors relevant to Leia’s target audience.

Events and PR: Our strategy coincided with industry and sales events like SXSW, Prime Day, and Augmented World 2023, where we provided attendees with interactive experiences and opportunities to try the product.

The campaign sparked the imagination of our audience and demonstrated how their digital experiences could be taken to new heights using Leia’s innovative 3D technology.

A successful product launch:
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