Welcome to our new Creative Technologist - Sam Walton
Sam Walton joins Collective as our new Junior Creative Technologist to support further growth in our next generation production offering.
Bora Demirbilek
Creative Technologist

Today marks my first day with Collective, and it’s been great. I’ve met the team, toured the office, had quite a few cups of coffee, and started working on my first project.

I’m Sam, a creative tech enthusiast and general nerd with a passion for learning new ways to create cool-looking stuff!

I come from an illustration background, but I quickly made the switch when I realised it didn’t challenge my technical side, and ever since I’ve fallen more and more in love with the world of creative technology. That passion landed me here at Collective, which I already think will be a place to learn and grow with the team.

Real-time 3D is such a powerful tool, it’s growing faster than most can keep up with, but Collective is forward-thinking and in my opinion, ahead of the curve, which is exactly where I’ve always wanted to be.

In a field where many people have one or the other, my blend of creative and technical skills will be helpful in solving problems (and creating new ones).

Collective is a place for me to push my technical skills while sharpening my ability to deliver commercially viable output.

Outside of work, I spend my time producing music and recently can be found stuck to the local climbing wall.

I’m halfway between city boy and outdoor adventurer, so I often escape out into the wild when I can, but too long out in the bushes always has me missing the hustle and bustle, especially for some good live music, and, of course, making something cool with the latest creative tech.