SaaS Brands Have Feelings Too
Chris Shadrick
Interim Managing Director

SaaS marketing needs to become more human, now more than ever. At our recent webinar, we were lucky enough to be joined by industry figures leading that charge.

Watch the roundtable below to hear insights from Dana Averbouch of NICE, Setapp’s Yaroslav Stepanenko and Capuchin’s Chief Science Officer Patrick Fagan.

They discuss the surprising psychological benefits of more emotional, less rational B2B marketing, and the real-world impact of treating customers as people, not as machines.


We believe in people before technology. Our Human Natured Thinking approach uses behavioural science to help us identify the human need. Because when it comes to decision-making, we’re far less rational than we think.

Our approach:

– We help SaaS marketers to understand the key psychological biases that influence their audience’s decision making

– We use applied creative thinking to develop branding and advertising campaigns that connect emotionally.

– We supercharge results with joined up creative and media thinking, via our in-house media experts.

All of which ensures fewer people switch off when discovering your brand – and more people become customers.