Wayfinding, one year on...
We’ve blinked and suddenly Wayfinding is 1 (ok 1 and a bit – but we got there in the end).
Adam Cleaver
Founding Partner, Collective

In a year like no other, we’ve been genuinely spoiled with quality articles from colleagues and clients alike – mainly in response to COVID-19.

So we thought we’d try a round-up. Examine what’s been said to see what concrete marketing lessons the pandemic has brought to the fore.


From guest articles by Richard Shotton exploring the pratfall effect and the merits of gallows humour in advertising, and Sri Ganesh Santhiram (Global Digital Marketing at Victorinox) on letting data drive when your product is great and your structure is nimble, to our own submissions covering content strategy, gaming technology and why tech marketing needs a more human touch – to try and distil any one-size-fits-all conclusions from these would feel like a disservice.

Besides, each preach from well-established marketing principles.

So in the end, we found there was only one thing we could say with absolute certainty…

It’s a statement we’ve been using for many years in reference to the digital transformation that seemingly changed ‘everything’. But just like with the pandemic, scratch beneath the surface and people are still as they ever were.

That’s why even though COVID-19 may have intensified certain trends and pivots, and accelerated the need for comprehensive digital – the dos of good communications remain the same.

But perhaps that’s not the real lesson here.

The real lesson is one we wouldn’t say we’ve learned during the last 18 months, but rather something we’ve been humbly reminded of time and time and time again.


The resilience of people is absolutely staggering.

It’s people who’ve steered us, and our industry, through COVID-19.

They steer us through normal times too, but in the last year and a half, when the world has felt overwhelming – it’s people who’ve adjusted. Who’s gone above and beyond – looking out for each other, pitchin’ from the kitchen, pulling together and rolling with the punches to make great work.

To make everything work.

So this isn’t really a thought piece.

It’s a thank you note.

A shout out to our clients for keeping the faith and keeping us busy.

A kudos to our colleagues for continuing to grow. Knowing when to push, knowing when pausing and always moving forward.

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who has written for Wayfinding.

And a thank you to you too, for reading.

By the time Wayfinding is 2, we hope that things are virtually back to normal. But even if they aren’t – it’s reassuring to know we can always rely on the power of the Collective.