Lessons learned recruiting staff after the apocalypse
The headlines warning of ‘the great resignation’ underline the fact the post-pandemic talent landscape is fundamentally different from what came before.
Stephen Barnes
Founding Partner

“I want my new job to feel like a rebirth.” I’ve been hiring people for almost 20 years and I’ve never heard that statement before.

And that wasn’t the only statement or question that has shocked/intrigued/entertained me in our recent hiring blitz. The post-pandemic talent landscape is very different to what we knew before. Like Rick Grimes or Tallahassee trying to find their way through their new post-apocalyptic worlds, there are new rules, new dangers and new challenges.

Not least the fact that people have had 18 months to really think about what they want from their work, their careers and their employers. From getting furloughed, to going freelance (or back the other way thanks to the difficulties IR35 has presented) to considering simply fucking off out of the industry completely and opening a micro-brewery, there’s been time to think and now its time to choose.

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Traditionally talent would look to move on due to operational factors or simply looking for better pay and career progression. Outside of these normal motivations we have seen the most popular reason for changing jobs is that they want life to ‘feel’ different.