In the works: NHS Level Up
Chris Shadrick
Interim Managing Director

8 o’clock on a Thursday evening may have been an unexceptional time only a few weeks ago. Possibly only marked by the pouring of a glass of wine after a busy day in the office. But against the backdrop of Coronavirus, it has become one of the most important events in the calendar. That is, when we take to our doorsteps and windows to clap, whoop and bash pots and pans in an outpouring of gratitude for NHS staff.

It’s a small gesture, but at this time when our National Health Service is under such extraordinary pressure, it carries a lot of weight. A visceral reminder of the respect we all have for the many and varied ways the NHS touches communities around the country.

That’s why we’re honoured to be working with the Tavistock and Portman Foundation Trust to help them navigate the challenges Coronavirus presents to a crucial Youth Endowment Fund programme, called Level Up – Safe Steps to Secondary School.

The programme was intended to be delivered in school to children who are at risk of having a difficult transition from primary to secondary school. And while schools are closed for the time being, they will reopen. So it’s important that these children don’t miss out on the support they need to help them flourish in secondary school and beyond.

We’ve assembled an Agile team to work alongside the Tavistock’s fantastic clinical team made up of psychologists and nursing staff to create an online platform that can seamlessly connect this team with parents and children. All without feeling like an unwelcome homework assignment for the kids involved.

The prospect of having to quickly take our programme online without having a whole extra bunch of wildly talented, hard-working creative minds in the room lost me more sleep than my new born. Seeing the obvious team effort that went into Collective’s proposal and the interest you’d taken in our little project’s potential reassured me that I’d found the right bunch for us.”

Freddie Peel, Senior Transformation Manager

This project presents exactly the kind of challenge the team love to get their teeth into: how can we use our design and technical experience to solve a real-world problem and test-and-learn as we go? We’re going to rapidly prototype and iterate, working with users throughout the process to check our assumptions and make sure we’re always delivering features with real world value.

Chris Pheasey, Head of Project Management at Collective