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Collective iCommerce

Convenience of online Reassurance of real world

We all enjoy the convenience of online shopping, but what digital can't replace is the certainty and confidence we all feel when purchasing products in the real world.

This is what Immersive Commerce delivers. It allows customers to get a more realistic sense of what a product is like, helping drive trust and purchase intent.

Collective iCommerce

A ‘flagship’ online store Increasing Revenue and brand Equity

As more shopping is driven online, it's never been more important to bridge the gap between your digital and real-world shopping experiences.

Collective’s iCommerce products use next-generation content creation tools to deliver premium, engaging and powerful shopping experiences. They allow customers to see products in situ, play with scale, explore features and truly experience products in life-like quality.

More accessible and cost-effective

Once set up, interactive or 3D versions of your products can be output to any platform (from web to print to VR and AR) quickly and easily – opening up new cost-effective possibilities for all areas of marketing.

  • Customers can interact with your products in more detail than ever before, providing the control, transparency and tangibility that build trust and drive purchasing confidence.
  • Your digital experience can cut through the monotony of typical online shopping experiences to really differentiate your brand and live up to its promise.
  • And the technology we use means 3D assets can be output on any device in any channel in seconds, reducing cost and complexity.
  • 13%
    Lift in average order size
  • 21%
    Higher revenue per visit
  • 64%
    Leading consumer brands are starting to invest in immersive experiences

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