Campaign Faces to Watch 2023: Liam Scott
Those who made it onto 2023's Faces to Watch list offer up as much variety, creativity and energy as ever.
Chris Shadrick
Interim Managing Director

Liam is changing the face of performance marketing. He has an incredible passion for sustainability and ethics and is championing the use of carbon-neutral media in this space. He has been the driving force behind the launch of Collective Performance, our new green media agency offering clients a media solution that begins the journey to carbon-neutral media. Joining Collective at just 23, two years on Liam is one of our most progressive thinkers and leads a team of performance marketing specialists and partners with high-profile brands to debunk the mystery around digital media.

Climate: Is it up to adland to save the planet [and if so, what action should it take]?
The impact of advertising on our planet should be the responsibility of all, from the ad platforms themselves to the media buyers that put advertising on our screens. There’s a lot of misdirection and miscommunication on this topic and it’s one I could rant about for hours, especially since taking on our new green media initiative here at Collective that we call “growing the right way” (had to include a shameless plug in here somewhere).

Cash: Are salaries high enough for new talent to plan a long-term career?
I’ve always been a big advocate of apprenticeship schemes, it’s how I started my career in digital marketing and has given me valuable years on those who followed the traditional path of degrees and internships. Now the only issue with apprenticeships is that the base pay is low, and working through the ranks comes with many challenges, but for those who are ambitious, this can turn into a very appealing long-term career.

Culture: What is your ideal work environment?
We’ve always stuck with the motto “all of our best ideas started at the pub”. There’s something about a cold pint or glass of wine that lets people open up and piece together a great idea they’ve been sitting on for weeks. So basically any work environment that unites a team to work hard in the day and rewards themselves in the evening.

Inclusion: Will the industry ever be truly representative [and if so, how can it get there]?
I think we’re on the right path to being a more inclusive industry but there is still a way to go. Initiatives like BIMA are doing a great job of improving diversity and inclusion, and it’s why I’ve been such a big advocate for it here at Collective. There is still a path we all need to take, but we’re definitely on one that’s heading in the right direction.

Access: Given under £10 a year per pupil is invested in creativity in schools, how should we encourage teenagers to enter the industry?
The way I see it, everyone is born with some marketing skills, the issue lies with them understanding their ability and unlocking their skills to do great work. Unlocking potential is where the focus needs to be, not just for teens but all age groups. It’ll lead more people to understand there is a place for them in this industry.

Tech: Can we win the war against the robots [which platforms, programmes and tech are you most excited by – and which deserve more caution]?
I don’t think there is a war against robots if we consider them our friends. At Collective we call AI a “tool not a solution”. It’s how we harness it that will help us become friends. I’m excited to see the progression of the Silicon Valley tech giants towards AI-based systems. It will ultimately mean mundane tasks and more time crafting AI to deliver our clients the best results.

You: Where do you see yourself in five years?
The age-old question in any annual review meeting. I’d like to dream of being on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean not needing to work again! But more realistically I’d be happy doing anything that still challenges me, whether that’s in the world of digital or elsewhere. Ambition and challenge are key traits I hope to keep with me for the rest of my working career and beyond.

Nominated by Chris Shadrick, managing director, Collective World

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