Event: Collective x Epic Games x The Marketing Society ‘An introduction to the reality of Unreal Engine. It’s about time.’
Chris Shadrick
Interim Managing Director

Time is money, as the old saying goes. And when someone says they can save you both, that promise never really seems real.

But we can do this. And the solution is unreal. Unreal Engine WILL revolutionise advertising, there is no doubt.

Led by Collective and Epic Games, this interactive workshop on Wednesday 12 October will show you how you can be at the forefront of that revolution – and, more importantly, ahead of your competitors. It will not only wow you with the engine’s creative potential, but demystify how to actually use it by demonstrating how to integrate it into your marketing plans, revolutionising your own business and saving you huge amounts of money and time.

Unreal Engine is the technological stepping stone to the Metaverse and the gaming world and was created by designers, Epic Games.

In our workshop you will be introduced to Unreal Engine’s immense creative potential and also discover how to actually use and integrate it into your own marketing plans.

What you’ll discover:

– What is Unreal and how it works

– How it has revolutionised other industries and what it can do for advertising

– How to use Unreal specifically for content and asset creation in advertising campaigns and how much time and money it saves

– How to make it work for you

Plus you’ll experience a whole visual marketing campaign being created in real time for a new product using Unreal technology which will demonstrate just how easy and effective it is to use.

This was first published on The Marketing Society.