from our family to yours

Working at pace to find an authentic, useful role for Victorinox in uncertain times.


Coronavirus changed everything. Victorinox would no longer be appropriate to promote an active outdoor lifestyle.

This presented them with two options: go dark or adapt.

While it may have been easier to withhold communications, it wouldn’t have been in the spirit of a brand that has weathered many storms since its founding over 130 years ago.

So we helped them adapt. Quickly.


The human INSIGHT

Although people wouldn’t be exploring the world with Victorinox’s products, there were still myriad ways in which the brand could add value to customers’ changing routines and lifestyles.

A 45% increase in time spent on social media combined with a renewed interest in self-improvement presented the perfect platform for Victorinox to add value.

But it would mean changing from a position of selling to consumers to one of serving them.

By bringing a sense of adventure to the every day, we felt that Victorinox could enrich customers’ lives while staying true to brand principles and further developing their purpose as a brand.



From our family to yours

More than a Coronavirus response, we devised a global content strategy to help in the present and reframe thinking in the future.

Briefing > 1-week > Implementation

From our family to yours, we utilised the wealth of knowledge within the Victorinox family to help audiences worldwide stay active and entertained at home.

We use the Victorinox family both literally and figuratively. Victorinox is proudly family-owned, which we demonstrated by enlisting the CEO, Carl Elsener, for a one-off yoga session. Employees, partners, and influencers provided boredom-busting online, subtly using Victorinox products.

We were faced with a crucial decision in our overall comms strategy as the impact of COVID-19 was becoming clearer – we couldn’t stop communicating and remain silent. As a brand, we were typically very slow in reacting and we needed to be fast but also relevant. The pivoted campaign strategy, devised by Collective, “From our family to yours” helped anchor a new frame for our comms and resonated across the business, as we are a family-owned company.
Ganesh Santhiram, Global Digital Lead

Increase in online sales
Reach during the campaign
Brand engagement
Email open rate

This campaign allowed us to focus our narrative over the coming months across some key product pillars and freed our digital team to start creating relevant content through our extended network of influencers and partners, which has led to a 50% increase in our online sales.
Ganesh Santhiram, Global Digital Lead