Connecting space to earth

Engineering a global digital ecosystem to position OneWeb as the leader in internet connectivity.

The Challenge

OneWeb’s mission is to enable internet access for everyone, everywhere, through a constellation of low Earth orbit satellites.

Our brief was to create a distinctive digital ecosystem that would be the primary destination and conversion point for OneWeb’s global connectivity solutions.

The critical issue was that they were competing against one of the world’s most dynamic companies, Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

Our challenge was to be more intelligent, leaner, agile, and innovative to create a standout digital experience.

The human insight

For a brand that quite literally does ‘rocket science,’ we focused on the human benefit rather than the technology. We created a series of pillars informing every touchpoint of the user journey while reinforcing their status as a challenger brand.

  • We challenge the belief that space is a junkyard to litter with debris. The beauty of our biosphere is preserved.
  • We challenge the hype of our industry. OneWeb’s system is accurate. It works with beautiful efficiency. No overdesign. No test toys. No Star Wars bling.
  • We challenge the notion that space is black. It’s a beautiful canvas to paint possibilities for humans on earth.

Delivering our vision

For the execution, we utilised cutting-edge content creation tools to highlight the human benefits of the offering.

Using Unreal Engine we created a ‘white world’ (designed with 8 billion pixels) that challenged the preconceptions that everything in the category should be black.

This master asset allowed us to create a dynamic, next generation web experience that allowed the user to feel as well as see both the brands technical competence and human impact.

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