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Electric for everyone

Democratising access to EVs for the UK’s fastest-growing car brand.

The Challenge

MG is an iconic UK automotive brand re-establishing itself as a leader by democratising access to electric vehicles.

However, MG is recognised by some generations as a historic brand and, by others, a brand they’ve never heard of. Our challenge was to identify the role of MG for today’s consumer and position the brand as one that offers a helpful hand to anyone considering an EV.


So we set ourselves a simple question: What does a car website that gives you more look, feel, and behave like?

The human insight

We always start with the consumer; in this instance, it is about understanding the motivations and barriers to purchase an EV. Despite the big brands converting many to the fundamental idea of electricity, there is still a significant knowledge gap.

Our research found the audience loves ‘electric for everyone’ and is pleasantly surprised by the MG offering (and they see the British heritage as a big plus).

Practicality is critical, and getting a fundamental understanding of this is crucial to their decision-making process, along with the actual costs of EVs. They aren’t in the market for the big brands and want to feel they are making a savvy choice.


Delivering on our vision


We need to deliver more without it looking and feeling like more. Our customers want it to feel less.

Delivering more clarity:
By being consistent and easy to understand using colour and iconography.

Delivering more support:
By answering customer questions and queries through live chat and the ability to connect with dealers directly.

Delivering more immersion:
By showcasing products via storytelling and real-time configuration

Delivering more personalisation:
Providing a dedicated destination for MG owners to get to know their vehicles better

Delivering more accessibility:
The ability for drivers to value their existing car and part exchange for a new MG

Increase in test drives
Increase in website traffic
Increase in dealer searches
Increase in website dwell time