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An unparalleled fan experience

We’re on a journey to provide fans access to the greatest sporting machine in the world.

the challenge

The Mercedes-AMG F1 team has an incredible digital presence with over 30M fans across social media. But the fan journey stops there.

We were challenged to create a global digital platform and experience that converts engaged social fans into a community of Mercedes-AMG F1 fans who feel rewarded and valued and are more likely to feel allegiance to the team.

This was an opportunity to create a single destination for fans that they genuinely want to engage with time and time again.

The human INSIGHT

After conducting extensive research by meeting with fans across the globe, it quickly became apparent that we needed to establish tribes that delivered on very different needs based on their level of knowledge and appetite: those who are devoted to drivers, those who have entered the sport from Drive to Survive and those who have a fascination with the beauty of engineering.

We will give our fans unparalleled access to the greatest sporting machine in the world.

Delivering our vision

We defined three core principles to bring the new digital experience to life.

Firstly, we remove the barriers between fans and the team, helping them feel they are in the room when the big decisions are made.

Secondly, we won’t reward fans’ loyalty by boring them. We will do what leaders do and lead. We will provide an experience you cannot get anywhere else, unique to Mercedes-AMG F1. And we won’t just do that on race day.

And thirdly, we gave fans what most modern fans are after bragging rights. We’ll give you that killer stat, quote, or experience that your F1 fan friends will love to hear at the pub or WhatsApp group.

Through a bespoke collaboration with Contentful and Netlify, we designed and built a supercharged platform that future-proofs how Mercedes-AMG F1 engages with their digital fans.

The impact is one that brings fans closer to Mercedes-AMG F1 every single day.

Increase in fan engagement YoY
Increase in views during non-race days
New CRM sign ups
Unique fans reached