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the future

Accelerating the mission to a decarbonised future through a series of global digital media campaigns.

The challenge

For over 20 years, The Carbon Trust has been an independent sustainability consultancy, accelerating the move towards a decarbonised future.

Their Route To Net Zero standard is the only certification that offers clarity and certainty to organisations looking to make environmental changes of substance.

Net Zero is the emissions benchmark industries collectively must reach if the planet hopes to avoid a climate disaster.

But there’s a lot of misinformation out there. Mountains of greenwashing. And a myriad of opportunists capitalising on this confusion and choice paralysis.

Our job was to reach sustainability decision-makers and raise awareness of The Carbon Trust, their Route to Net Zero expertise, and that working with them will help your business and the world hit crucial carbon targets.

So that’s what we did.

The human insight

We needed to provide a clear path for businesses to become decarbonised and empower them with a certificate to prove it. Our key focus was to reach the Chief Sustainability Officer as the main protagonist to make that happen.

Therefore, we chose to promote Carbon Trust’s Route to Net Zero Standard certification across the UK, DACH, Benelux, and LATAM regions with the message ‘Net Zero; The Time is Now.’


Delivering our vision

Our idea was almost not to have one.

We pitched it as an ‘anti-concept.’ No misdirect, rug pull, or hook and reveal.

If the problem is confusing and the solution urgent, let’s deliver clarity quickly.

But that didn’t mean we couldn’t be punchy. Or bold.

Saying it straight is saying it is excellent.

The time for action is now. We do have to act fast.

So, our execution rejected greenwashing or wishy-washy statements with an ultra-direct and ultra-efficient typographic style. This was coupled with a visual language called ‘branded momentum,’ using The Carbon Trust palette and iconography to boost brand awareness, recognition/memorability, force perspective, and add dynamism to every asset.

From stills to animation – everything conveyed a sense of urgency, journey, and certainty. You were cutting through the noise (and the wallpaper) to assure our audience that working with The Carbon Trust and their Route to Net Zero certification will help you reach your organization’s and the planet’s ultimate objective of a decarbonized future ASAP.

We told the truth, made it Carbon Trust, then got out of the way.

Sustainability decision-makers reached
Increase in website dwell time
Increase in marketing qualified leads
Increase in sales qualified leads