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Expressing the unique personality of a sector-defining brand

The Challenge

ThirdWay is one of the UK’s fastest-growing interior design companies. Its creative approach has seen it become the ‘go to’ for cool, innovative office design-and-build, but its website wasn’t delivering on the brand’s energetic and vibrant personality.

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Thirdway interiors screenshot

The human insight

Decisions around interior design inevitably end up on the desk of C-Suite execs or business owners. In this context, websites have literally seconds to make an impact. We needed to deliver ThirdWay’s core DNA from the get-go – to show not just tell.

Thirdway interiors tablet screenshot

The Idea

ThirdWay’s web presence is the antithesis of the brochure-ware sites so common among the competition. Beautiful design and content combine with interactive elements to deliver a depth, texture and dynamism that instantly delivers on ThirdWay’s emotive and uniquely passionate brand.

‘Passion. Energy. Creativity. People-centricty. That’s at the heart of the ThirdWay brand. And the heart of their web presence.’

The Impact

Site traffic is up by a staggering 92%, people are staying 40% longer and ThirdWay is enjoying a 50% increase in new enquiries via the website. But perhaps most importantly – the site has become a benchmark for expressive, engaging web design for the industry.

  • 92% increase in traffic
  • 80% increase in users
  • 40% increase in time on site
  • 50% increase in site enquires