Street Circuit Weekender

Inspiring the world to upgrade their weekend through a beautiful and engaging content series

The Challenge

Avis have a longstanding relationship with Mercedes and wanted to leverage this via a co-marketed content platform. The aim? To inspire journeys, make people aware of Avis’ Mercedes fleet and encourage bookings. But in the very crowded travel content space, we needed a unique and compelling angle…

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The human insight

We knew our target audience had a fondness for travel, motorsport (or both). We also knew that to be effective, we needed to make our offering ‘buyable’. This couldn’t be typical brand naval-gazing, we needed to inspire but also make it easy for viewers to do exactly what we were showcasing.

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The Idea

We created a short-form travelogue content series, ‘Street Circuit Weekender’, highlighting road races with an intimate connection to Mercedes racing history, that also combined stunning travel locations. Critically, we showcased the route and locations visited on a microsite and ensured each trip could easily be enjoyed over a long weekend.

‘Great roads. Beautiful locations. Amazing racing history. All in one spectacular weekend.’

The Impact

The main film and teasers have been viewed over 55 million times and, despite not being an acquisition campaign, there has been a 68% increase in Avis car rental bookings attributed to the campaign. The campaign also generated a 25% increase in brand recall, delivering on our brand awareness and consideration objectives.

  • 13.7 million people reached
  • 27.8 million completed video views
  • 57% view-through rate on video content
  • 2,792 new direct bookings