Infamous Second Son

Exploding engagement with dual screen content

The Challenge

We worked with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe to launch key PlayStation titles across multiple European markets. They asked us to create a way of engaging players with the themes of the epic PlayStation 4 game InFAMOUS Second Son, generating buzz and pre-orders in the run up to launch.

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The human insight

The theme of the game was ‘Enjoy your power’. And following immersion in the world of InFAMOUS we soon discovered that players didn’t just want to passively hear about this power, they wanted to experience it for themselves — even before the game was released.

The Idea

A dual-screen experience that allowed users to revel in their destructive powers. Working with expert model-makers, we created a scale miniature of a real-life checkpoint from the game. Then, as the cameras rolled, we used real explosives to spectacularly raze it to the ground. The footage was used to make an interactive experience, transforming gamers’ mobiles into deadly weapons that could destroy the D.U.P. checkpoint on their desktop screen.

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We knew feeling real power in your hands had to be a dual-screen experience. But without the fuss of an app – just a mobile site and wifi connection in explosively seamless harmony.

The Impact

More than 100,000 power-hungry players caused over two million explosions — and counting. The experience was localised and rolled out across 24 European territories in total, helping Sony achieve one million game sales in the first nine days.

  • 1 million game sales in 9 days
  • 100K users
  • 50% engagement rate
  • 24 European territories