Fuels Launch

Energising a low interest category with powerful online content

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The Challenge

BP’s new Ultimate fuels represent the company’s biggest fuels launch in 10 years. With ‘active’ technology that removes dirt build-up to improve engine health and economy, the challenge was to help convince people that these innovations really would make a difference

The human insight

Fuels are a low interest category and we knew our audience would treat claims such as an extra 21 miles per tank with a great deal of skepticism. To be believable we needed to avoid the hyperbole and be disruptive and unexpected with a problem, solution, benefit approach.

“BP’s most successful fuel launch ever”

The Idea

We hit people hard with a series of pre-rolls that cleverly played with the notion of being slowed down to highlight the performance issues created by dirt. We then backed this up with a second phase of content combining live action and animation in an educational-science style. This substantiated the product claims in an engaging and believable way that kept attention despite the subject matter.

The Impact

The Ultimate fuels launch was BP’s most successful launch ever. The digital activity had the strongest ROI of all the media channels deployed - 10.1. (Source: Accenture Econometric Analysis, 2016). Overall the campaign achieved an 8.3% uplift in diesel sales and 12.5% in petrol sales YOY.

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